About Us

"A Company That Does More Than Expected....."

We are a company that can offer you a website that is affordable and fully functional with the best benefits.
We will create your website within a few hours*. 
Who else offers a guarantee # ? WE DO! We come to you and we train you in the use of our user friendly website creation system. The website design , set-up and training will cost you only R2,500 once off.
You will be trained on how to design and manage your own website portal.
Yes, that is not a typo, it is R2,500, once off ... and you will never have to pay for updates again!

Your website can have as many pages as you like (and even have unlimited videos & pictures)!
Do not fear, you will be able to manage your own website after one training session! (Its Childs Play)

Our websites comes with a multitude of features for an extremely small monthly hosting cost of only R150 (Ex VAT) per month and you will receive the most amazing website . Book an appointment with us to see some of our  amazing work !

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